Picture it:  Your customer just walked out of your building and is met by a local newscaster who has placed a microphone at his mouth asking about the level of service he just received…what will he say?

“One of the things that I used to worry about is what my customers would say to my boss if he called them” a former banker once told me.  Truthfully, you should feel confident about a call or a visit made to any of your customers by any level of management because you should know without a doubt that you have given them exceptional service at every turn.

Now we know that all customers are not going to walk away satisfied for one reason or another but that should open opportunities for you to create teaching points to employees on how to address the objectionable customer.

Let’s face it, some customers will have a complaint no matter how excellent they were served; shipping issues, lost messages or perhaps online technical difficulties.  Implement the “WOW!” factor so that your clients know they are celebrated and appreciated.  This will also build strong relationships even after a complaint.  Did you ever consider making part of your business that of helping your customers succeed by mentoring?  Ask them if they need refresher training in the areas of business plan development or marketing or another area that you think would be helpful.  It is likely your competition has not taken the idea into consideration, thereby making this is another way to set yourself apart from the pack.

So, are you ready to put customer service at the center of everything you do?  Start by specifically making every client interaction an activity for customer happiness.

Are you ready to make your customer service stack up to your clients’ expectations?

Make it a Great Day !!

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