During a recent conversation I had with a friend, she said, ““When I call a company (she gave me the name), most of the time I am dissatisfied and get angry about being put on hold for an inordinate amount of time.  Then when someone comes on the line, I land up getting terrible service.”   She said, “In some situations, when I contact them via email, it is even worse.”

When was the last time you walked into a brick and mortar establishment and were welcomed with genuine enthusiasm?   Did the receptionist display authentic interest as she/he greeted you?  Did they introduce themselves and ask your name?

What was your last online shopping experience?  Did you have trouble navigating the pages to find the product/service you were looking for?  Did you find the site to be creative and engaging or did you have problems with the task because you were unfamiliar with the specific vocabulary used by a computer product?

Hiring the right people for the right positions and empowering them are the essential ingredients to providing excellent service.  Many companies do not realize how important it is to provide ongoing training to deliver exceptional customer service.  Some consider it a cost to the bottom line, not a return on investment.

I teach my clients to have a radical approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences.  Providing excellent customer service should be celebrated by all staff.   “Going the extra mile” should be considered the norm for your business…it is how you set yourself apart from the competition (and how you get their customers).  Even though you are going the extra mile, you don’t have to announce it.  Your reputation will speak that and volumes more.

For a limited time, offer your long standing customers/clients the reduced introductory rate that you are giving to new customers.  Send your clients thank you cards, birthday cards, congratulatory cards (promotion, wedding, local bowling championship, child’s flute recital, first day of Spring…).  Sponsor an event and invite your clients.

Detroit, Michigan recently hosted the Charity Preview Party Charity where the first views conceptual and new model vehicles are displayed at the North American International Auto Show.  It is one of the foremost black tie and high profile events in the nation.  I know business leaders who, as a sign of their appreciation, purchased tickets and gave them to their clients so that they could enjoy the event together.

Does your organization consider itself fortunate enough to have the right people who believe in and carry out your customer service philosophy and believe that they should put the customer first?

Add multiple rays of sunshine as you deliver the customer experience and over time, watch your customers become loyal clients and raving fans!

Make it a great day !

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