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Today’s Business Etiquette Tip

In the fast paced environment in which we live, it seems as if the art of handwriting thank you notes has all but vanished.  Every gift should be acknowledged by a note of thanks— email is acceptable but handwritten is considered to be best because it is perceived to be more personal. Writing a note is a small yet powerful touch that has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

Many gifts that you receive may not be tangible.  If someone gives their their time, professional critique and advice for the purpose of advancing your career or life journey, it is important that you give them a genuine “thank you”.

The exercise does not have to be time-consuming or laborious but you should give serious thought to what you will write.  Notes should be written and mailed within 2 to 3 business days of having received the gift.  Express your appreciation in 4-5 lines.  Be sure to mention the specific gift that you received and if applicable, describe how you will use it.  Use a postage stamp that reflects the giver’s interests or use a stamp that reflects the season of the year. Address the envelope by hand.

Following this advice has the potential to have a major impact on the person(s) who interviewed you for the job you are trying to get.  Handwritten notes make you stand out from the pack—the recipient sees for himself/herself the difference between you and others.

If the gift giver sent something via mail or online, sending a note serves two purposes: (1) gratitude and (2) it indicates you actually received the gift.

Everyone’s time is valuable.  If someone treats you to a meal, even if it is being expensed to their company, the best way to express your appreciation is to send a written note as quickly as possible.

The holidays are nearly upon us so stock up on your stationery, thank you cards and postage stamps!  Happy writing!

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