Recently, while at a mall, I watched a custodian perform his job cleaning, sweeping and mopping the area where I was sitting.  The obvious spring in his movements and occasional smile told me that he enjoyed his job.  As far as I could tell, he was not wearing a bluetooth or other mechanism that would indicate he was on the phone or listening to an iPod so I was convinced that his enthusiasm was somewhat connected to his work.

As he continued with his work, I noticed how he thoroughly performed each task and reviewed his work to ensure he hit every spot, corner and surface.  The custodian provided an example of an employee who loves what he does and the results of his work proved it.

I believe that when you really enjoy your job, it is easier to produce excellent results for yourself, your co-worker, your manager, your company and your customer.  This does not mean that if you do not enjoy your work you cannot produce excellent results but it just seems that those who do, perform their responsibilities effortlessly.

The custodian, whether he knows it or not, delivered exceptional customer service to his colleagues (no one had to trace his steps and correct his work), his manager (who did not have to reprimand him for poor job performance) and the mall customers (he provided a clean place for them to shop and browse).

I noticed a couple near me who commented to one another on the custodian’s pleasant disposition as he performed his job; so the custodian also provided a positive reflection of the company for whom he works.

I had a recent conversation with a mid-level manager at a large company who said that his job was merely a paycheck to support his lifestyle. He said that he does not particularly enjoy the work but will tolerate it until he retires which will be in about 10 years.

Working a job that you do not enjoy can be tortuous, burdensome and make for a very long day.  No matter how you try to camouflage, it is possible that your attitude will be conveyed to your colleagues, managers, and customers which could lead to other problems.

Let’s face it, a significant part of our day/week is dedicated to our jobs, so our work has a major impact on our personal lives.  As a result, it is very important to identify at least a portion of your work that is enjoyable.  Make a list for yourself and re-evaluate:

  • Value-added contributions you make to the company
  • What makes you excited about the work you do
  • Whether you are giving your best to the position

Remember, you were hired because management felt that you have a unique ability to provide input to resolve problems that will grow their organization. Enjoy your work more and become your own witness as you provide outstanding customer service to your internal and external customers.

Make it a great day !

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